The Life and Achievements of Julie Zuckerberg


Julie Zuckerberg is a well known Talent Acquisition Leader and Executive Recruitment Head at the Deutsche Bank. She is currently based in New York and has been known to be one of the best in her field. Julie Zuckerberg completed her education at the City University of New York, Brooklyn where she took up Philosophy. She realized that she wasn’t satisfied with just one course of interest, so she decided to take up Law as well at the New York Law School. Shortly after taking up her education, she then joined a company named Hudson, where it marked the formal start of her career as a Talent and Executive Recruiter. At the Hudson Company, she first worked as a director of candidate placement. She worked at this company for a total of five successful years, where she had delegated many attorneys, case managers, support staff, and paralegal to do various activities for the growth of the company. Some of her duties, aside from the above mentioned, includes, providing information about the job description for various candidates, job guidelines and details of their prospects, promotion and company benefits. Thanks to the background that she had gained in Law while she was still studying, she had also served as the principal spokesperson between the management and the employees of the company, if in any case that the corporation encounters any work-related problems and issues. She always ensured that these problems get fixed right away within the framework of legal compliances. Through all of these responsibilities in the company, she had been able to identify her key strengths as a key point of contact for helping employees work at their best as well as coach them, while she handles conflict within the organization.


After bringing her company to its well-known and current glory, Julie Zuckerberg left her company to join Citi Global Consumer Bank, as an Executive Recruiter in 2007. The Company was located in New York. Her job description involved helping management by advising them on the different strategies for recruitment and compensation trends, which will eventually help the company, get a better view of the competition. Aside from all of these job descriptions, she also provides the management with insights on the competitive market and provides solutions with an actionable plan to counter all of their competitors. Through her participation in making the company a better and more successful business, she had also included a better negotiation for equity buyouts, immigration, relocation and clawbacks with other complex recruitment components. Julie Zuckerberg also managed the international and expatriate relocations, which have pointed her towards another key point of her skill set – which is recruiting talent from all over the world to join various organizations and working environments.


Last year, she was in line for a promotion to become the Executive recruiter for Citi Global Functions, which they have cited her exceptional performance and skills when it comes to her work. The job also helped her gain more experience and exposure in her current field. She has also managed to learn more about the process of her job more, deeply and practically, which gave her more confidence to take on even better and empowering job positions, which displayed both her skills in Law and Recruitment.

At present, she is still with the famous Deutsche Bank and has continuously become one of the best in her field.