Kim Dao Visits Lobal Japanese Salon

In June, Kim Dao went to Lobal, Luxe at Beauty of Life, Salon in Tokyo Japan. Kim Dao showed us how to get a Japanese manicure. The first thing Kim Dao was look at the samples to see which style she wanted. The first demonstration was how to remove fake nails. It looks like the manicurist rubbed the hands with alcohol and then she filed the nails and buffed them. It looks like the manicurist put on some nail polish remover, applied some liquid, and then wrapped the fingers in foil. After she removed the foil, one finger at a time, she pushed the cuticles back with cuticle pusher. Next, the manicurist brushed off the excess from Kim Dao’s nails. Of course, she had Kim Dao soak her fingers to make her nails soft.


Soon, it was time to apply the new nails. The manicurist applied a a clear base coat. Kim Dao looked like she got one of those two-tone nail manicures where the very tips are one color and the rest of the nail is another. It could be a lavender version of a French manicure. It looked like on some of her nails the manicurist gave Kim Dao white flower appicaes instead of painting the tips in lavender. Some nails had lavender at the tips and were clear the rest of the nails. Other nails had three white flower petals on the with gold centers.


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