Sawyer Howitt, A Young Man On The Road To Success

Many entrepreneurs who are just starting out find it difficult to find the right path to follow to be successful in their business. There are also many people, already in business, who do not feel they are achieving the goals they had in mind. The Meriwether Group, located in Oregon, offer a solution to this problem.

The Meriwether Group was founded by CEO David Howitt in 2004. With more than 20 years of experience in all areas of business strategy, legal and financial counseling, he has dedicated it to helping entrepreneurs develop a successful business.

In addition to a highly qualified staff, a unique addition to the team is his son Sawyer Howitt, a seventeen year old high school senior. This remarkable young man has developed an outstanding skill in understanding the needs of a business in order to be successful.

In high school Sawyer Howitt has concentrated internships, and as many business courses as possible, while gaining practical on-the-job training in his father’s business. His plan is to attend Columbia University concentrating on further business studies.

At the current time, Sawyer Howitt’s company title is Project Manager. As such, he has been active in studying the personal needs of various companys to be successful, including how a company’s product needs to tie into a customer’s needs. In this position, Sawyer Howitt has developed skills in customer service, brand management and financial services. He has been active in taking personal interest to help companies succeed. In addition, he has established an important way to utilize his photography skills in relation to product presentations.

Sawyer Howitt’s previous business experience included jobs as a Business Strategy Analyst and, at the Kure Juice Bar, in Customer Service. In his job as Project Manager with the Meriwether Group, he has presented new ideas and has assisted in the rapid advancement of the company. He has developed an outstanding understanding regarding what a company needs regarding operational and financial management in order to be successful.

Sawyer Howitt is a perfect example of how a young person can contribute their skills in today’s world.