George Soros and the Open Society Foundation

You can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs and you can’t enter the political world without earning a few enemies. George Soros is a world renowned progressive and philanthropist known for his global push toward democracy, freedom of thought and expression, and support for the oppressed. So, of course he has managed to become the boogeyman of an entire realm of politics. If you listened to just right wing radio you might come away with the impression that George Soros is some sort of Machiavellian mastermind, determined to subvert good and honest people. Well, luckily we are here to clear up the propaganda nd introduce you to the real man behind the power.

George Soros is a prolific investor and philanthropist who has literal decades of experience in the political realm. Soros made his fortune in the early ’70s while running the Soros Fund Management. Today, Soros is worth surpassing $25 billion. Michael Vachon, a spokesman for Soros Fund Management stated, “George Soros first found himself in the crosshairs of the conservative propaganda machine when he publicly expressed opposition to the march to war in Iraq.” And, indeed, it seems like much of Soros’ ‘boogeyman‘ status can be traced directly back to this period of time. Soros was a vocal George W. Bush detractor and he went through great lengths to help try and get Al Gore elected in the ’04 election.

However, the idea that George Soros is some sort of liberal shadow puppet is as laughable as it is conspiratorial. George Soros was born in 1930 in Hungary where he would grow up during the Nazi occupation of 1944 – 1945. During that time period Soros saw firsthand what an autocratic, totalitarian, and ruthless regime would do to those they could oppress. During that single years’ time over 500,000 Hungarian-Jews would end up killed, some of whom were Soros’ own neighbors, friends, and family. It was this formative year that would inform George Soros’ and his eventual run toward becoming a global leader of progressive and social justice ideology. Read his profile at Business Insider.

George Soros was one of the lucky ones to survive the Nazi occupation of Hungary and he would soon emigrate to London. Here Soros would study at the London School of Economics where he would familiarize himself with investing, finances, and even the philosophy of one Karl Popper. Karl Popper wrote extensively on how totalitarianism could only be fought by a free and open society, full of justice for all. It was this groundwork of education, along with his own experiences under Nazi occupation that would lead Soros to America. In America Soros would establish the Open Society Foundations: his greatest work toward a more prominent and just future. Learn more about his profile at


How Cancer Treatment Centers of America is Managing New Cancer Care Data

Cancer care data is a big deal, and NantHealth is now opening the door for Cancer Treatment Centers of America to utilize their Clinical Pathways support system. New data regarding cancer care is published nearly every day, and oncologists are committed to finding new ways of treating cancer and how to be most effective. Clinical Pathways doesn’t just contain information regarding conventional medicine, but it also holds information regarding complimentary therapies as well. This is welcome news for patients that don’t know where to turn, and now desire to try Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

One of the best things about working with CTCA, is that each patient gets their own standard of care, but this allows patients to choose what they believe is best for them. The opportunity to review cases in which conventional and alternative medicine were used are all inside the support system, giving doctors a more evidence-based approach. The treatment platform contains detailed information regarding customer treatment plans according to the state of the disease for each patient, in hopes that their ability to compare and look at the expense will give them the guidance and care they need to meet their budget.

While patients can now use this platform, they can also count on what CTCA stands for and how they function. CTCA is focused on providing care that treats every aspect of their lives, including their journey to wellness and managing side effects of treatments used. CTCA is dedicated as a whole to helping each patient learn more before they start a treatment plan, and how they can best face the unknowns with more information upfront.

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Kim Dao Visits Lobal Japanese Salon

In June, Kim Dao went to Lobal, Luxe at Beauty of Life, Salon in Tokyo Japan. Kim Dao showed us how to get a Japanese manicure. The first thing Kim Dao was look at the samples to see which style she wanted. The first demonstration was how to remove fake nails. It looks like the manicurist rubbed the hands with alcohol and then she filed the nails and buffed them. It looks like the manicurist put on some nail polish remover, applied some liquid, and then wrapped the fingers in foil. After she removed the foil, one finger at a time, she pushed the cuticles back with cuticle pusher. Next, the manicurist brushed off the excess from Kim Dao’s nails. Of course, she had Kim Dao soak her fingers to make her nails soft.


Soon, it was time to apply the new nails. The manicurist applied a a clear base coat. Kim Dao looked like she got one of those two-tone nail manicures where the very tips are one color and the rest of the nail is another. It could be a lavender version of a French manicure. It looked like on some of her nails the manicurist gave Kim Dao white flower appicaes instead of painting the tips in lavender. Some nails had lavender at the tips and were clear the rest of the nails. Other nails had three white flower petals on the with gold centers.


Final Word on the Value, Quality, and Style of Fabletics Products

Terri Hutcheon is a seasoned social media journalist. One of her most popular blogs is called A Foodie Stays Fit. And, just as the name implies, it primarily focuses on sharing healthy recipes, fashion, life and working out. Terri’s body looks amazing. In her 2014 review article on Fabletics, Terri starts off by reminding the reader that she’s not promoting or hyping the products and services offered by Fabletics Inc. Rather, she’s just airing her honest and unbiased opinion.


Personal Experiences of Using Fabletics


Asked about what she thought about Fabletics as a fashion brand, here’s what she had to say: She was already a member, a happy one at that, and went ahead to mention how VIP’s got to pay $25 as the sign-up fee. Here’s a splendid motivation to sign up for that particular package. You’ll receive a custom deal whereby you pay $49-$59 for a fantastic three-piece fashion outfit. The first fee, however, rolls over to the next month if you fail to buy anything.


Value and Quality


Reviewing the brand, she awarded them an above average quality status. The apparels felt soft to the next and they were very durable. Terri described the style as being ‘unexpectedly delightful’. The value for money is remarkable as most of the yoga leggings and other workout products come retailing for prices below $50. The customers of Fabletics have it well thanks to the fantastic website put up by Kate Hudson’s team.


Official Website


This website analyses the shopping trends and patterns of the members to come up with shopping ideas and recommendations. Here, the company makes use of complicated algorithms to help the end-user of their websites get what they want to shop. With time, Fabletics realized how they were losing traffic to their traditional brick and stone stores in malls and on busy intersects all over the nation. The consumers would often just walk into the stores and window shop some of the latest designs at Fabletic’s outlets. Once they realized something interesting and wonderful, they would go ahead to look for something similar online on leading e-retail sites like Amazon.


About Fabletics


Fabletics is the production work of the seasoned investment duo of Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. Kate Hudson, the gorgeous actress is also part of the top management board. The venture started in mid-2013 and has steadily grown to now earn itself a billion dollar valuation rating according to financial experts. The online subscription site has its base HQ’s at El Segundo, California.

Changing the Lip Balm Industry

EOS has effectively changed the lip care industry. No longer are the choices limited to cherry or unflavored chapstick. A recent article discusses how EOS lip balm outdid chapstick by innovative packaging and some unique and varied flavors. Within a very short amount of time the fledgling company EOS (and acronym for the company’s full name “Evolution of Smooth”) had their products not only on the shelves of major department stores, they also had them in the purses and pockets of celebrities.

In her article, Elizabeth Segrain, attributes the success of EOS to their cutting edge packaging and the fact that they wanted to make a product that would be not only beneficial but fun to use. They did their research and listened to what consumers had to say. The finished product is one that engages all five senses: “from soft round packaging that felt good in the hands, to the colors of the orbs, to the smells, to the way the flavors tasted, and even to the clicking sound the sphere makes when it closes.”

EOS lipbalm is the brainchild of Sanjiv Mehra, Jonathan Teller, and Craig Dubistsky (Dubistsky left before the launch) with a goal of “shaking up” the beauty industry. Though it was at first hard to get into those major retailers, their first account was with a female buyer with Walgreens and by the time of their launch had the product both there and with Target. Using social media (they have almost 7 million followers on Facebook alone) and magazine ads, their advertising strategy has worked wonders. The company now is a $250 million dollar company and the second best-selling lip balm in the country. Visit for more info.

CTRMA’s MoPac Project to Minimize Traffic in Texas

Even though the American-Statesman currently projected that traffic congestion would increase in Austin, CTRMA is very glad because they are ready to deal with the situation. With previous successes such as 183A Toll Road and U.S. 290 tolls, they are confident that they have a long-lasting remedy.

They have decided to build MoPac Express Lanes, which will use sophisticated technology to help manage traffic flow. The new system is meant to reduce traffic, mostly for commuters using variable tolling rates, which are synchronized according to demand and supply to ensure a predictable flow of traffic. The MoPac Express Lanes will be designed to ensure consistent flow even when other lanes are stuck with traffic.

With a goal to create “smart roads’, they have partnered with many IT firms such as Metropia. Metropia will help them create a mobile traffic app that is integrated with their traffic monitoring system so as to provide real-time alternative routes for commuters.

They have also partnered with Carma, to encourage commuters to share their ride with other commuters. They are also encouraging commuters to walk and pedal.

They have built pedestrian and bicycle paths that tie to the existing lanes and a bike/pedestrian bridge going over MoPac south of Palmer Lane. They are also partnering with the Texas Department of Transportation and the counties and cities of Central Texas to minimize congestion at all costs.

About Mike Heiligenstein and Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority

Mike Heiligenstein is the Executive Director of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority. With over 23 years’ experience as a Central Texas public official, he has distinguished skills in the infrastructure field. At this position, he helped in providing solutions to waste water, expanding water, and transportation infrastructure. Learn more about Mike Heiligenstein:

He served on the regional MPO; the Austin-San Antonio Corridor Council. He was also the chairman of Clean Air Force of Texas where he helped in coming with more infrastructure initiatives. He was also a Round Rock City Council member for eight years and a Williamson County Commissioner for 15 years.

Before he joined CTRMA, the agency had neither railways under construction nor revenue. Under his leadership, the agency has a program that will see $4 billion by 2020, and the revenue is expected to rise to $136.5 million by 2020. He is a graduate of the University of Texas with degrees in Government, a Masters of Government and a Masters in Business Administration

The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CTRMA) is a private government-sponsored organization founded in 2002 to improve the condition of the transportation system in Williamson and Travis counties.

Their main aim is to reduce road congestion by implementing innovative, multi-modal transportation solutions. The solutions are meant to reduce congestion and to create transportation choices that enhance the quality of life.


22 of the Top Anime Sci-Fi Series


Science Fiction typically is associated with live-action shows, however, some of the best sci-fi series that have been created are in fact Anime! Multiple different genres of futuristic anime can be crossed, as well, including romance, horror, samurai and even anime robot characters. Here is a list of some of the best Sci-Fi Anime Series that we have found:


  1. Cowboy Bebop
  2. Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
  3. Trigun
  4. Akira
  5. Neon Genesis Evangelion
  6. Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion
  7. Howl’s Moving Castle
  8. Outlaw Star
  9. Gurren Lagann
  10. Psycho-Pass
  11. Steins;Gate
  12. Mobile Suit Gundam
  13. Sword Art Online
  14. Elfen Lied
  15. Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG
  16. Darker than Black
  17. Mobile Suit Gundam Wing
  18. Deadman Wonderland
  19. Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind
  20. Full Metal Panic!
  21. Ergo Proxy
  22. Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2


What made this list of popular anime stand out from any other Anime series? Most of the time, what makes it stand out is the setting. Many different Science Fiction series take place in space. Other times, what makes it stand out more is the unique characters that are in the series, such as the cybernetic humans that can be found in Ghost in the Shell. However, whatever is put into a sci-fi anime series, it doesn’t matter what it is as long as the series is able to bring us entertainment as well as a lot of joy!

What Makes UKV PLC Wines Special?

UKV PLC Wines is one of the rising stars of the wine industry, and they have created a number of beautiful wines that will grace tables across the world every day. This article explains how the wine brand has come to be so large, and there is a look at how they offer a product that surpasses all others in the industry. The wine industry in the UK is growing, and the UKV PLC name is one that is known to many around the world.

#1: The Wines Are Varied

There are many wines in the stable of UKV PLC that are lovely to behold, and they come from a number of varietals that have been grown in vineyards across the land. The wines at the vine yard range from the very soft to the very heavy, and UKV PLC will offer every drinker a taste of something that suits their palette.

#2: How To Order Online

The UKV PLC website has an online order service that is quite helpful, and customers may place their orders at any time with the company. They will notice every wine with its corresponding price on the website, and they may place their order at any time. It is simple to have the wine shipped after an online order, and the customer will have a number of wines showing up to their home every year that will cover a wide range of meals.

The flavor in the wines of the UKV PLC are quite different as there is different soil in the UK. The grapes are grown in a place that will make them taste much different, and they will ensure the drinker finds something new and refreshing. Every bottle of wine has a bit of promise that normal drinks do not have, and the company will continue to offer their wines interesting flavors.

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Sawyer Howitt, A Young Man On The Road To Success

Many entrepreneurs who are just starting out find it difficult to find the right path to follow to be successful in their business. There are also many people, already in business, who do not feel they are achieving the goals they had in mind. The Meriwether Group, located in Oregon, offer a solution to this problem.

The Meriwether Group was founded by CEO David Howitt in 2004. With more than 20 years of experience in all areas of business strategy, legal and financial counseling, he has dedicated it to helping entrepreneurs develop a successful business.

In addition to a highly qualified staff, a unique addition to the team is his son Sawyer Howitt, a seventeen year old high school senior. This remarkable young man has developed an outstanding skill in understanding the needs of a business in order to be successful.

In high school Sawyer Howitt has concentrated internships, and as many business courses as possible, while gaining practical on-the-job training in his father’s business. His plan is to attend Columbia University concentrating on further business studies.

At the current time, Sawyer Howitt’s company title is Project Manager. As such, he has been active in studying the personal needs of various companys to be successful, including how a company’s product needs to tie into a customer’s needs. In this position, Sawyer Howitt has developed skills in customer service, brand management and financial services. He has been active in taking personal interest to help companies succeed. In addition, he has established an important way to utilize his photography skills in relation to product presentations.

Sawyer Howitt’s previous business experience included jobs as a Business Strategy Analyst and, at the Kure Juice Bar, in Customer Service. In his job as Project Manager with the Meriwether Group, he has presented new ideas and has assisted in the rapid advancement of the company. He has developed an outstanding understanding regarding what a company needs regarding operational and financial management in order to be successful.

Sawyer Howitt is a perfect example of how a young person can contribute their skills in today’s world.


Miami Beach Real Estate Slowly Recovering From a Slowdown

The real estate industry in Miami Beach, Florida has grown tremendously over the years. The market has in the recent past experienced stability and is sustainable despite being hit by a slowdown with most effect felt in the most expensive areas. The slowdown saw a drop in prices in the first quarter last year though sales increased by a third in comparison to the prior year.

A recent report by Douglas Elliman and Miller Samuel showed that the price in Barrier Island and Miami Beach came down by 7.5 percent over time to $905,252 while that of median dropping by 6.6 percent to 408,750. Delays in selling properties were experienced, with the number of days taken to sell increasing to 97 from 53 over the years.

The Coverage

According to real estate agents, the slowdown was brought about by reduced demand from overseas buyers as well as emerging luxury condos that are being constructed. The coastal areas were not hit by the crisis since they don’t rely on foreign sales. Areas like Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, and Palm Beach have experienced increased demand as they are preferred by many retirees and their families. The Miami Beach real estate market comprises of Bal Harbor, Bay Harbor Islands, Key Biscayne, Fisher Island, and the Sunny Isles Island. While the Miami Market covers Coral Gables, Pinecrest, Palmetto Bay, South Miami, and Aventura.

About Samuel Strauch

Samuel Strauch attended Hofstra University where he graduated with BA in International Business. He also pursued business at the Harvard University and International Finance and International Marketing at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

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Samuel Strauch’s career started off as a banker but later left to join the real estate industry, working at his family’s business in South Florida. He began his real estate company, Metrik Real Estate in 2002. Samuel Strauch has other investments in restaurants and the Internet sector and has some interests in art and photography.