Fabletics and Kate Hudson Impressed The Huffington Post

The Huffington Post is not a publication that freely gives away publicity and they don’t always do what they have done for Fabletics. The company knows it takes a lot of time to really focus on the brand of their business so they have done what they can to help save up for Fabletics. The Huffington Post has talked about the way Fabletics brands themselves and most people are impressed with what they have done. It is part of what has helped the company to grow and what has given them a chance at a more positive future.


For Fabletics to do what they have done to make their brand the best it can be, they have had to work hard to make things happen. They have always tried to show people they can make a difference and that’s what has given them the chance to keep growing until they are now one of the top retailers in the industry. They are now competing against other retailers that have been around for decades because they know they are among the best in the business. It shows in what they do and the money they have made since the beginning of the business.


While Kate Hudson has been a major part of the company, she knew it would be the right thing to do if she made things better for them. She has always been a brand ambassador and that’s what has given her the chance to try different things on her own. She also knows there is a lot of value that can come from working with a business in the way she does. People can see that she is a valuable asset so she continues to help them with a positive experience in every way of business.


When people visit the Fabletics site, they have to take a style quiz. The quiz tests them on the things they like and what they would normally wear their clothes for. They can answer the questions however they like, but it gives the stylists something to work with when they are trying different things with the brand. They can find the clothes that are going to be perfect for each of the people who have been shopping with the brand so they can try new things on their own.


After customers have taken the style quiz, they are sent to a reverse showroom. There, people can learn more about the clothing choices available to them. They don’t have to sift through hundreds of pages to find the best clothes because the stylists have picked out just a few clothing options for people to choose from. In fact, the outfits they see are going to be perfect for them and that’s what has made the most sense for the people who use Fabletics. They know what they can get so they do what they can to get to that point in every way possible. It gives them a sense of ownership since they already know what they’ll wear.

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